Guys: Is it too late or should I move on?

So this guy I kinda like kept giving me signs over summer and before that...I was giving him signs too. But I never really got his signals...of him liking me.

Now I like him a lot. Is it too late to try again or do you think he's really over me?

Do guys move on fast? Or have you ever gone back to a girl that you once liked before?


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  • tell him how you feel don't woory if he doesn't say same back. if he doesn't say anything after you told him how you felt wait a while he might be losts for words but likes you. I would go bck to a girl I have liked before.


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  • How can anyone tell if he is "over you"? Have you flirted with him? Has he said anything to indicate he likes you?

    Every guy is different, every person is different, he may like you and be shy, maybe he'll come around. He may not like you anymore after hanging out with you a bit. You'll never know until you ask him or at least flirt with him and see if he flirts back. It's not rocket science just takes confidence. If you lack confidence use your cleavage, jeez. Kidding of course.

    • Lol..thanks?

      haha. yes I've flirted. I gave him hints. But when he was giving me hints I didn't care or like him. Now I'm wondering if he's over me. He's not shy.. And I have confidence..sort of. A bit. But that's all besides the point...would it be too late to try again...and would you ever go out with a girl you USED to like if she started to like you back....?

    • If I still had feelings for her I would definitely go out with a girl I "used" to like, since "used" to wouldn't really be correct. I don't think it's ever too late, but that is just me. You could always ask him to hang out with you solo and then get really flirty, see if he responds. Or you could just flat out ask him if he likes you, maybe he'll like a girl approaching him.

    • Thanks. For real this time haha.

      I think I will. Whenever I get the chance. :D

What Girls Said 1

  • It is hard to tell. Some guys will have gotten over their crush and others hold onto it. Is he seeing anyone or does he have a lot of contact with girls? If so, then he is probably over it (especially if he's dating someone). If not, then I would take my chances. If either case, though, I would contact him. Text him to check in. Ask how he's doing, but be casual about it. You can hopefully get a vibe or start a conversation. I have had both situations happen where one guy still liked me even though months had passed before we saw each other again and the other where he was over it. He didn't care about my texts, but the first guy did. That's how I knew. Good luck!


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