If my ex girlfriend left me for another guy but comes and bangs me, should I forget her?

I really love her and want her back! Is it true that if she really loved me she would have wanted to work things out, we kinda fought a lot about stupid sh*t. I'm 28 and she is 22. maybe that has something to do with it? I wanna contact her really bad, and am trying to stay strong! What's the best way to make her want me back?


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  • If there was a total true way to get an ex back then most people would have done it. There is no sure way to get someone back. I think you should just more on and move forward. Never talk to her again. She left you for another guy and that's enough said right there. Date other girls. "Love" is not worth your self respect. She KNOWS how you feel already but left you anyway. Don't chase her. No calls, no texts, no emails, nothing.

    • Thank you- It's just hard to accept. You are right though! Just that comment right there makes it easier to not contact her!

    • Believe me when I say I know what you are going through(most men do). You just have to stay strong and move forward.

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  • Age should not matter providing you are both mature and put in as much effort as possible in your relationship for it to work. If she left you for another guy, it is probably best to move on as hard as it sounds especially when she is seeing the both of you. No one wants to share a partner so perhaps talk to her about the way you feel, as in how it makes you feel when she is seeing someone else who she dumped you for but still has you on the side.

  • It sounds like she's over the relationship. It was her fault the relationship ended, she left you for another guy. If she wanted things to work out with you, she would have apologized long ago and asked for a second chance


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