Is he interested in me/do we have a chance?

I am a college girl who is desperately, overwhelmingly in love with her high school tennis coach. Before you judge, I know what this sounds like-but I'm an intelligent girl & would never enter anything even remotely resembling an inappropriate relationship, or let myself be taken advantage of. Nothing ever happened in high school, he is slightly older than me but still young enough to b in the same generation, & over the years, we've had quite the conflicted relationship, & he has actually become one of my good friends & someone who I can really trust. I started out strongly resenting/hating him because he comes across a little arrogant when you first meet him, but then I got to know him better, he helped me overcome a lot of hardships, and he completely transformed into this caring, smart, strong, playful wonderful guy who had my back anytime anywhere. By my second year of high school, against my better judgment (yes, I did realize it was kind of strange) I had fallen in love with him - I couldn't help myself. He never indicated any feelings for me (how could he - he was a professional and I was still a kid) but we got this feeling - like a supercharged connection that occurred sometimes during our private lessons whenever we got caught up laughing (with a little bit of flirting) and just stared in to each others' eyes for a longer-than-normal while and then awkwardly looked away...he was so easy to talk to and I feel like we had such good conversations and make each other better people. Then, during the summer before my junior year, he moved away to take another job across the country, and now I only see him in the summer and at Christmas, but every time I do, we go back to being the way we were. I am just a happier, better person when I'm around him, and I think whenever we get a little too close he puts on this tough guy front because he knows my family and feels like if he made a move, they would judge him. I just don't want to read too much into our relationship because I know how invested I am might be changing my perception of what we have, & I definitely don't want to scare him off! I just really need to know what to do?! Now that I am older and it would be more appropriate for us to you think he's interested/should I go for it/will he ask me out? Just to help you guys out, here are the facts of our relationship: we've known each other for about 7 yrs., we are friends but we have flirted a lot, and whenever I touch him or he touches me playfully (like squeezing my arm or lingering on a handshake or high five) I definitely feel something more than friendship, I'm attracted to him (hes hot!), we've been through fights and hard times in our relationship and had several deep conversations. So - there you go! those are the facts! Since I fell in love with him, I cannot think about being with anyone but him - I've had other relationships, but they never lasted long, so I would appreciate any help ...sorry for the novel! Than


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  • you know your parents are going to be a bit hard on you for least the aspect of him taking advantage of you in high school and blah blah blah

    if he's as great as you say he is, then the chances of you two working out will be a roll of the dice in that he will probably see it from the angle your parents due and stick with the friendship path

    if he's got a rebel in him, then that's the only thing that tips the balance in your favor of possibly pursuing something


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