How do I make my ex jealous?

OK I know what you guts are thinking, "Why would you want him back anyway?" Well I don't. And I already know what your going to say, "Oh stop kidding yourself, you know you want him back." SERIOUSLY I don't. What I want is for him to see what he's lost and come begging for my forgiveness at my knee's so I can kick him in his little cheating face! (That's just an expression I'm not going to kick anyone.) But can anybody help?


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  • Stop being so childish, and grow up.

    If he cheated on you, the chances are very high that he doesn't really give a flying f*** about you anymore, so not only will you not be able to get him to come back to you, but you'll also fail horribly at making him jealous.

    So give up, forget him, and move on. That is the MATURE thing to do. Get over it, and raise your standards a little bit while you're at it. Because these days, I have no pity for women who get cheated on. THEY DESERVE IT, for getting with those kind of guys in the first place. Meanwhile, the nice, decent guys don't even get noticed. They don't get noticed, because the majority of girls are way too lazy to do ANY work in the dating game, and just wait all day for prince charming to come long.

    Get off your ass, woman. Think outside the box. Stop going for the assholes and douchebags who you're attracted to, and go after someone who will make you happy. Then LATER you will become attracted to him. Sadly, by the time you realize how right I am, you'll be like 23. And that's if you're lucky AND smart.


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  • Ok, whilst my answer will be quite a bit less bitter than that of the last answerer, the underlying message is the same.

    It's human nature to feel the need for 'revenge' or to 'show' someone how much you've been hurt - but a truly mature person would be asking themselves 'If I make my ex jealous - how will things be better?' If you have genuinely given this question thought, you will realize that things simply won't be better as a result of doing that, and will probably just be worse. I imagine your ex would lose a lot of respect for you, and quite possibly other people who know you too.

    I think the best thing is to simply be mature and just be a nice, caring and fun-loving person who is enjoying life and respects the people around her (including your ex). And by being that nice person...THEN your ex will truly see what he's missing - a really awesome girl.


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  • I agree with previous poster about it being natural to want to get revenge on someone for hurting you, I've felt that myself. It's probably not a good idea because most of the time, even if you are managing to hurt him, odds are VERY HIGH that he's NOT going to come to you and tell you all about it, so you'll spend all your time wondering if your efforts are working, and they may or may not be working, so you'll be wasting time wondering and trying to make him jealous/hurt him. Save yourself the frustration and effort and find yourself a decent guy or just take a break from men for a while. Moving on and showing him you don't care anymore is the mature thing to do, and hey, that may bother him that you're able to let go so easily. Trying to make him jealous still gives him power in your life because you're doing stuff because of what he did to you. You don't want to give him the satisfaction that you're trying to get back at him or that him breaking up with you affected you so much.


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