Is this cheating and what should I do?

Hello people. So here is my story. 2 and a half years ago I met a girl in a club and we started making out. Then we were fouling around for 2 weeks before I moved to another country. We didn't have sex as we were 16/15. So for one year we have been talking through the Internet. During this time, she lost her virginity with a guy who just used her and she fell in love with him and stuff. After 10 months abroad, I returned and we started dating. In the beginning I didn't care that she was not a virgin as it was not so important to me. But she was talking about that guy, telling me details and gradually I started to hate all this rubbish, as it was hurting me and making me feel bad. I really fell in love with her, it was the biggest love of my life then. During the 3 months we were together then we had crazy experiences, lots of sex, fun. She was telling me she loves me. Then I left again and we decided to have a long distance relationship. After 2 or 3 weeks, I found out that she was still talking to her ex, who was also abroad, and she was telling him she is not dating anyone and stuff like that. she was trying to ignore him but at the same time she didn't. I understand that he was important as he was the first she had sex with, but still... then after 3 months she found some new friends who were older ( she was 17, the people were 25-27.whatever.don't really know). They were going out and stuff, girls and guys, and sometimes she didn't tell me about that. Then she told me she liked one guy there, and that he was taking her home after college with the car and was really interested in her. they didn't have sex, I'm sure of that, but I wasn't really happy about it. they even went for a date which ended fast as she understood she wants to be with me. she told me that. afterward, she was acting nicely and stuff until I came. we had a great summer together.During this summer, I felt she really loves me, but I am not so sure I do any more. I felt so depressed and unable to do anything while far from her and all that sh*t happened that I was just afraid to fall in love with her again. now I left abroad again, I talk to her online every day and she tells me she loves me and stuff like. she does admit she still talks with "her first". sometimes she tells me he is an idiot and she doesn't want to be friends with him, then she tells me they talk sometimes and are good friends.

i am in Scotland now and she is in her last year of college. next year she wants to come to Scotland at the same uni with me so that we can be together. she even forced her parents to prepare all the documents for the uni and give her money, which is not little.

I wanted to brake up with her recently but somehow I felt pity for her, I felt like I'm letting all the dreams she had about our future die.

don't really know what to do. Should I forgive her for childhood mistakes and consider she acted stupidly and she wants to be with me now, or just consider her a ...

Help please. I would really appreciate any opinion


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  • It's not cheating at all. You should take this as a sign to break up with her now.


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