Why can't I ever stay in a relationship?

I don't know where to begin. Every single time I try to get in a relationship I always get screwed over. I don't know what it is about me that is so horrible. I'm a really nice dude maybe too nice I've had chicks break up with me to go back to there ex that would beat them and treat them like sh*t which makes no sense. I'll try my hardest to make some kinda connection with someone and its like right when I think oh wow this is going great something happens and its always them not me. Music has been the only thing keeping me alive over these years. I just want someone to be with that cares about me just as much as I care about them. I really hate being alone I just don't know


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  • "Why can't I ever stay in a relationship?" "I just want someone to be with that cares about me just as much as I care about them."

    This is a good start, you have a general idea of what you want. You will get results even with such a general want-list.

    Really? Sure; you got a few girls, didn't you?

    Except? Look what happened in the end, right? Why? Because that general want-list is too general. "Drunk driving" sure is one form of driving, except it wouldn't get you where you want to go; unless you want to go to the hospital/ditches/whatnot... Ans: You need to be specific, be crystal clear with that "want list". And accept no compromises.

    Since you love music, that makes things easy. After reading this >>> link you can add the element of music into the method. Be creative. No iron-clad rules here, except the "know what you want, clearly" one.

    • I do know what kinda girl I like and want and I always think I've found the right one but it never has been. See I play drums in a band and we're always on the road touring a lot of girls won't wait for me or even wanna try to make it work. Its like when I leave they say its not working and leave me and I know its a lot of pressure but this is my life and I want someone to be apart of it more than anything. My bandmates have someone to come home too I don't and it sucks.

    • Then your want list must include, "She waits for me, and KNOWS how to make things work", among other attributes she has (that you want). FEEL what it is like. FEEL her into reality, just like you "feel music into reality".

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