It's Valentine's day tomorrow and my ex boyfriend asked me to go movies? Should I go or not?

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up 2 weeks ago because he felt that he was unhappy in the relationship due to constant arguing and he's under depression too
We broke up in good terms though so we didn't remove each other on social media
He still likes some of my new pictures and watches my stories on instagram
So 1 week later, he messaged me:
"hey im sorry for everything, im just under depression and doctors prescribed me pills so i can't have a partner in my life right now, but we can still be friends and go out to the movies, take care"
And then i replied:
"hey, hope you're ok, but yeah i need my space, so i can't see you in the meantime, hopefully you'll respect and understand that"
and then he replied:
So tomorrow is Valentines day and before we broke up, we both wanted to watch this movie called Black panther
Today, he texted me out of no where:
"hey, I want to watch black panther tomorrow, do you want to come? If not, i will go by myself"
I haven't texted him back because im still confused on what to say
If i should go or not
Why does he want to go with me?
Does he not remember that its valentines day tomorrow?
Out of all days, he picked tomorrow?
I still have feelings for him by the way :\
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He has feelings for u so he choose tomorrow.
    If u have someone else to be with for tomorrow tell him u can't.
    If u don't just go out wid him.
    He might have planned smethin for tomorrow.
    Dont get overwhelmed. Its Valentine's day. U should be happy u have smeone.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Nah. If you want a relationship... Sucks because he doesn't :/ he's lonely though and obviously misses being together. But going out with him is a waste of your time.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Where do you live? It's only the 12th here.

  • Not only no but fuck no


What Girls Said 2

  • Your better than this don't hang out with your ex he'll just hurt you again

  • Don't go. He want you just not to be alone.


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