Why do most dads stop bothering with their kid once they've left?

Like, dad had an affair or something. Or broke up for general reasons.

Eventually, it feels like you haven't got a dad.

Why do 'dads' do this?


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  • I'm sorry this is is your situation. A lot of men, fathers emotional abandon their children. Most of the time the answer is selfishness. Even great dads often get to the stage where they almost seem not to care about their children once they get older- this is usually why children maintain a connection with their mothers much longer and more deeply than their fathers. Don't take it personally, all though you feel like it is personal, it is his problem and not yours. It is sad that he is missing out on you and all you have to add to his life. Hopefully when you are old enough, you will remember to choose a man who has a great connection with his family because this is a good sign of his persistence with you. Chin up girl- just because he is not valuing you, doesn't mean that you are not valuable.

    • Thank you very much. Your answer really helped! x

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  • My dad had an affair and left my sisters, me and my mom. He doesn't try to talk to us, if we were to call him on his cell phone then we would have to speak to his new wife, some how he's not allowed to talk to anyone in his family. Another reason he doesn't talk to us is because we tell him the truth, he tries to pretend that nothing happened, that he didn't hurt my mom and cause a lot problems. We tell him straight up how bad a person he is and then he gets mad at us for telling him how much he hurt us. Also I know what your talking about when you said "Eventually, it feels like you haven't got a dad" because I honestly often forget I even have a father, I don't think about him but it's probably for the best because it's usually me being p*ssed. Finally I don't know why dads or people in general do things like that, I can't wrap my head around it. For me I would want to be in my kids life, be able to help them grow up to be good humans.

    • I'm sorry to hear that you also have a poor excuse of a dad. I believe it only makes us stronger and at the same time, much better parents to our own.

  • Because out of 6 billion people in this world there's gonna be a few bastards. I guess it will be something to do to their upbringing because I personally would never do such a thing, at the very least I would see them once a month and still financially support them.

    • See your child once a month? Living with them you'd see them everyday. I don't know how old you are or anything, but do you understand how it mentally effects a child? I used to see my dad every 2 weeks. Even that destroyed me. I urged for him to be my father. Now I hardly hear from him. He pays for me, big deal. I'd rather have a normal father, a normal family then 60 quid a week. That's nothing to me. Men are bastards to their children. Because they've left it doesn't mean they're OK 2 be nobs.

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    • I didn't miss it out though really did i?

      I said Used to. So.

    • You did "miss it out" read everything you said before you mentioned the details of the relationship between you and your dad.

      "used to" is way to vague to use as an excuse, it could mean any number of things from you are an adult now with your own life, or that your dads dead.

      You were wrong to snap at me over information you had not shared, end of discussion.

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  • That's how my dad is. I'm 17.

    He doesn't really do anything for us. He doesn't financially support us. He doesn't help us with our needs. He'll wait until he absolutely has to do something for us and then tries to go cheap on it. Sometimes he can be cool, most of the time it's weird. Sometimes he'll get me a game to play on my XBOX 360 or something as if to make up for something or make himself feel better. I don't know.

    Me and my dad clash a lot. I've got his anger (it's worse than his) so we fight and swear at each other. It's not a pretty relationship.

  • Because they have a new life


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