He was being really forward so I told him to back off. Does this make me a bad person?

I met a guy at a party, a friend of a friend.

He was pretty fit, had about ten tattoos and smokes as well be he seemed really well adjusted. I asked my friend if he was single and she said that they were unofficially together so I backed off.

He was flirting outrageously with me all night and then broke up with the friend and we began chatting and flirting over text/phone etc... eventually he wanted me to stay round his house for he weekend but he was being really forward so I told him to back off.

He got into a huff and hasn't contacted me since but I feel really bad for leading him on a bit...

Does this make me a bad person doomed to never find love?!


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  • I hope you are trolling tbh

    • Sorry, this is pretty stupid, trying to work out how to delete it ?_?

    • Lol, if you report your own question, I'm pretty sure they delete it. But now you've made it anonymous anyway.

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  • I have never heard of "unofficially together".. You either ARE or you AREN'T. That is like you are sort of pregnant. You either ARE or you AREN'T. I think you feel quite guilty about what happened between you and this guy - which is why you are asking us if what you did was wrong. This guy and the "unoffiicial" girlfriend needed to determine if they were a couple or NOT. If they aren't - and he is flirting with YOU ( either he doesn't feel attached or he's a player ... not sure which).. I don't think you were "leading him on"... you felt attracted and enjoyed the attention just as he did. But what he DOESN"T say... is IF he has a girlfriend? That should have been the first question out of your mouth. I can see why he might not understand what happened ( you didn't explain. . did you?) I'd try contacting him - and letting him know you felt guilty thinking he had a girlfriend. THEN he can tell you ( if he is still interested and UNATTACHED) if he wants to see you again. I really feel there was a lot of misunderstanding going on here. Of course you will find love. But one word of advice.. Be honest with people. Your conscience was talking to you ( that is a GOOD THING) and you FELT you were doing something wrong - Were you? How would we know for sure? We don't!

    "Unofficial girlfriend/boyfriend?" That is RIDICULOUS. I would have asked him to clarify... THEN make your decision. You really did nothing wrong, Sweetie. Don't beat yourself up. If this guy chooses not to talk to you - that's his problem. But learn from this.. and ALWAYS make sure if the guy is SINGLE.. FIRST! Hugz...

  • no, you're gonna have to kiss a lot of toads, before you can kiss a prince

    some guys are only interested in sleeping with girls

    especially the social ones

    so try to meet a quiet guy


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