Get back with ex possible?

So my girlfriend and I dated for about two months. It was a good relationship but it we started to drift away towards the end of it. Not because we didn't like each other, but because we were both really busy and it was hard to make time for each other. We broke up because there was a weekend which she was gone away with a large group of people and ended up flirting with this other guy. She told me she wanted to break up because she didn't feel like she was as committed as she should be after two months. I know this is bs, but what ever.

Anyway, there initially wasn't anything between them, but they've taken a liking to each other and flirt a lot, and are even going to homecoming together. Usually I would just move on, but there are a couple of reasons why I haven't yet.

First, I still like her- a lot. I kind of screwed up the relationship, in that I didn't put as much effort into it as I should have. But I realize this mistake and know how to make it much better if we get back together. We have tons in common and connected REALLY well when we were together; we just weren't able to see each other as much as we would have liked to.

Second, she is a senior and the guy is a young sophomore, 14 going on 15. While they appear to like each other a lot, I'm not sure that this would materialize into anything since he is 2.5 years younger. I'm hoping this might be more of a fling (they're on a co-ed sports team together and see each other daily) that will end when their sports season is over here in about a month.

We're still friends and all (we talk pretty often, although I'm considering cutting down on this to try and make her a little curious as to what I'm up to), and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know I still like her.

What do you guys think? Do you think I have a chance or should I move on completely? If you think I have a chance, what do you recommend I do? Cutting off communication and making her jealous is a possible idea, but I'm worried that if I do that she'll end up forgetting about me and I'll kill my chances for good. There are times and things we can do to hang out until homecoming and their sports are over, but I'm worried that just hanging out will throw me into the "friend zone." Keep in mind that we never actually went out on a date while we were together, just hung out a lot at each others' houses and near our houses. I'm thinking maybe doing things together "as friends" will show her that I really can be a fun boyfriend and might be worth getting back with.


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  • well, you can try to get her back.

    Chemistry dies out like a fire if you don’t stoke it once in awhile.

    Humans have needs – both emotional and physical. They need to be caressed, held, hugged, kissed, listened to, flirted with, and desired.

    Your relationship routine might have made your ex feel starved for whatever it was they didn’t get anymore – that very stuff that made your stomachs and hearts flutter when you first started dating. If he or she was starving, then chances are you weren’t getting everything out of the pairing that you wanted as well.

    What were you lacking in the relationship? What was missing?

    Most relationships don’t crumble because of one single issue. When one thing comes in between two people, they usually recognize it and work things out amicably – unless it’s a deal breaker like, “she wants kids and I don’t.”

    You might even see the breakup as a result from one of the above issues while your ex would pinpoint something totally different. Maybe you thought it was the fact that you spent no time together, but he thought it was the nagging you did.

    If you want to get your ex back, don’t do these things::

    - Texting your ex will push her away – fast;

    - Calling your ex multiple times a day shows neediness;

    - Telling her to get back with you telegraphs insecurity;

    - Writing letters to try to make her understand how you feel is


    -Phoning her parents and try to convince them to talk

    sense into her is a sure way to get ignored;

    -Calling the new guy in her life and telling him to leave her

    alone will instantly turn her against you

    How to get her back?

    Maybe this few tips will help you:

    - Never look desperate – work on your self, you need to shine if you want to attract her back

    - Start seeing other girls. That will wake uh her curiosity and insecurity (is possible that he has already move on!?)

    - Go out together, do stuff together, but don’t ask her to get back, just have great time together, let she see how good it was in relationship

    Hope this help. For some more advanced tips, check out link , it may be useful...

    All the best and good luck!


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  • I kind of relate to this. My boyfriend recently broke up with me because he fell for another girl. After 3weeks, he came back to me asking me for forgiveness. Saying that he made the wrong move. I accepted him back. You know why? because this is my last chance for trying to fix things and get everything back to the way it is. But if in the end, it still didn't work out, well at least I get to tell myself that I tried.

    You said "I kind of screwed up the relationship, in that I didn't put as much effort into it as I should have. But I realize this mistake and know how to make it much better if we get back together."

    I would suggest that you make her feel that you're still there. Be her friend, let her know that you're always there for her, BUT DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING. I don't know how long she will get to realize your presence but in time she will. And if she did get back to you, give her a chance. Because it's also giving yourself a chance. And if that day comes, give your best on showing her how much she matters to you. But if by the end of the day, it didn't go the way you planned, at least you could tell yourself that you tried and did your best. You'd feel no regret.

    • We're in a bit of a different situation tho. She was the one who broke up with me, but I'm the one trying to get her back. It seems like its the other way around in your situation, with him doing the breaking up AND the trying to get back.

      We've also passed 3 weeks...its been nearly two months. Knowing this, do you still recommend the same?

  • As a girl, I think you need to move on and have a little respect for yourself.

    If she broke up with you because 'she didn't feel committed' that should have been a sign to BACK AWAY.

    And if it didn't work out the first time, it's only going to end TWICE as fast.

    Oh, and don't make her a priority if she just considers you an option.



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  • I am not one to go trying to win an ex back... but if you decide to... good for you. But be careful because you might get hurt.

    But if you decide to that you want to leave it be... you should probably back off of talking to her. Not because it would make her jealous but because you still are into her. That's not fair to yourself. Why tease yourself by talking with her and constantly reminding yourself why you are into her.

  • She broke up with you to have some fun with him, if she likes him more chances are she will move on or if its a fling or she just wants some attention which you haven't been giving her then she might come back to you etc...

    If you reallly like her then try at least you will know, but deal with why she broke up with you in the first place, and chances are if she meets someone else she likes then she might dump you and do it all again...


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