If a girl cheat first then the guy cheats later... do the girl have a right to be mad?

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  • depends on how you see things. if I was dating someone and they said I want to sleep with someone because you slept with someone else behind my back and I'm trying to be honest with you and up front, then I might be open to the idea. I might not. point is that is more mature than going back and trying to hurt someone behind their backs. its not totally ideal though but more understandable.

    i could tolerate that. even if I didn't go along with it, I would appreciate the communication and that would let me know that this person isn't in the state of mind of forgiving and moving on to mend the relationship. they are trying to get theirs, trying to hurt me back, or they are more focused on f***ing someone than working things out. its a sign that we need to walk away from each other before we hurt each other even more. take time alone and he can screw all the girls he wants to and not an the expense of my emotions. this is of course if I'm in a monogamous relationship because that isn't always the case.

    i sleep with men who cheat on their gfs and their wives and I hear stories like this sometimes. they really want to put it to their girlfriends/wives for cheating on them. I've heard the things they say behind their girls backs and yeah I wouldn't tolerate it if I were their main woman. then again I would never cheat on anyone so I guess you reap what you sow. sometimes we do try to hurt the ones we love because we are in so much pain ourselves, but we usually regret it later. this kind of thing could make or break the relationship and cause irreversible damage, past the point of regret.

    i think anyone has the right to be angry when someone betrays their trust. I think the better question should be, "should she see it coming?" I'm not 100% into the idea, but I do believe in karma sometimes. the men I sleep with who are cheating sometimes get a swift kick in the ass because of karma. their wives/gfs leave them, divorce comes along, their children may see them in a different light, etc. others may not suffer the same consequences but their wives and gfs will never see them the same way ever again if they find out, even if they don't leave them. that kind of heavy load on your shoulders is pain enough. guilt can drive you mad and makes you paranoid about what your s.o. is doing. if their girls went out and cheated on them to get back at them, that would probably destroy the fragile men they keep hidden inside.

    lmao. that's my long rant on this topic.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Well the guy is an idiot for staying with the girl if she's already cheated. But whatever, anyways the guy should be p*ssed off that his girl cheated and vice versa for the girl. Doesn't matter what's happened in the past, obviously the two of you got over that she cheated so yeaa...Both parties should be upset. If I were you, I'd end the relaitonship, obviously there's nothing in it if both of you are cheating.

  • if you cheat on someone just to get back at them then you aren't mature enough to be in a relationship. 2 wrongs don't make a right.

  • yup...but only if you didn't dump her.

  • Yeah, she does. This couple in this hypothetical obviously needs to break up, desperately.


What Guys Said 1

  • Only if you cheated on her with her mother, sister or best freind otherwise its just evening things up and she should have expected it, its a free card...she waived any right to complain or bitch about it. Oh the hypocrocy

    • Agreed, though I'd just plain out say ahead of time that "since you cheated, I'll take that as a green light to get together with other girls on the side". I wouldn't even be mad at her for cheating. I'd be a bit disappointed that she lied to me, but I understand that most people once they're a couple find it kind of hard to bring up the issue of whether they should have an open relationship or not.

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