Is he over his ex fiance?

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. When we first go together he told me that he had been engaged before but that relationship ended (3 years before we meet). When we first started our relation ship he always talk about how he did this and that with his ex and went here and there with his ex and how his ex would do this... Eventually I told him that I don't bring my ex into our relationship and I would appreciate it if he did the same. He told me I was right and that he was sorry. I got this job in the same building where this girl worked when they were together. He told me that he hope we don't run into each other and start talking. I don't know why he would say such a thing. She is married now and has a child. They were together for 6 years and he said it was his first love. Last night I was watching my fair wedding on WE and he told me that I needed to change the channel because the girl reminded him of his ex. I just went to bed because it gave me a funny feeling. This morning he left while I was still asleep and didn't call me for quite some time. I worry because he knows where she lives (in the same place where they lived together) she kept he dogs they had gotten together. A few weeks ago a friend of his mentioned how he should go over there to see how the dogs were doing. He tells me all the time how much he loves me etc but I have always had that feeling that he's not quite over her :(


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  • a hint, if he talks about his ex, then there's still money in the bank on that account and it's still paying him until it goes to a zero need to continue finding more greater distractions to get him focused on your relationship with him


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