Why would my ex keep tabs on me + try to find out where I am and with whom all the time and if I'm spending time with anyone else get all moody?

Also, if anyone is trying to get their ex back or is not over their ex and still reacts to everything they do with disproportionately strong emotions, I'm here up for a chat, would be interesting to hear your stories/feelings/opinions.
  • He's not over you
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  • He's just possessive
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  • He doesn't want you to be happier than him
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  • He's jealous
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  • He wants you back and is annoyed you're putting everyone else before him
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  • It sounds like he is not over you yet, or thinks he has a chance to get back with you, anything you do that makes him think you are a little further out of reach will probably upset him. Things are out of his control and probably making him scared, be very careful with this behaviour, it can easily turn to stalking and dangerous jelousy

    • Yea I think he gets weirdly upset about any of my unexpected behavior and if he sees I'm online talking to someone else he gets all moody. He already seems to somewhat stalk my online behavior, like when I'm online, what I post, what I like and whom I'm talking to or adding as friends etc. And from time to time he tries to get my attention there. He's not directly telling me anything about wanting to get me back or not being over me but sometimes I feel like I have someone watching my every move and getting hurt if I do anything wrong.

      (Oh and he's this shy, insecure, nice guy)

    • Might be something to consider, letting him know this is not healthy behaviour, and you making the first move and blocking him.
      It's not your job to make him feel happy or protect his feelings. He needs to be able to move on, and you should be able to live your life without having to worry about him

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