How long does it take?

So how long do you think it takes someone to no longer be in love with someone? I have my opinion which I feel is right but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

situation update. she had real love feelings for the guy and they were hanging out for a long time but were not together, she likes me alot, even before she and this guy officially quit talking she was flirting with me.
she didn't like this guy as much as me. and someone asked her what she liked about him but she didn't know, but she has a lot of reasons she likes me.


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  • I think it depends on many variables. There are some types of love that are deeper than others. Those will take longer. The longer amount of time you were together, the longer it takes to get over them. If you were simply infatuated, much shorter amount of time. Also if the person is quite, shy and doesn't let many people in, then it'll take longer.


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  • It all depends on the reason why you two broke up, how long you dated, & how much you loved the person. In all honestly though once you truly love someone I don't think you ever do stop loving them. For example with my ex, he was my first love & I will always love him but I will never be IN love with him ever again because of how much he has hurt me. It took me two years to finally get over him, it make take you less or more. It all really just depends on the person. Time does heal all wounds though.

    • Its her who still "loves" some guy wo isn't half as good as me. and all the people that know the two of us keep telling her I'm a great sweet guy. I just can't tell if she's gonna have a rebound or if she truly does like me. she got kinda jealous when she found out I hung out with another girl. ?

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  • "what she liked about him but she didn't know, but she has a lot of reasons she likes me."

    Sounds like she has yet to figure out the kind of guy she wants. i.e. still in a cloud.

    Suggestion --- ask yourself "Is this the kind of girl I want to be with?" If yes, fine. If no, then ask yourself, "exactly what kind of girl do I want?"

    • I know exactly the kind of girl I want. and she's the only girl in the last 6 years who has fit into what I like. this last guy she dated was a jerk and I'm a genuine sweet guy.

    • Even if he abused her, it was up to her to figure out the kind of guy she wanted. You couldn't, and can't do her homework for her in this case.

  • It depends on the person. Some people are very emotional and dramatic. For those people, it takes a long time for them to "heal." Some people have walls around their heart. Even if they told someone that they love their ex, they can move on fairly quickly because they said it out of convenience.

    • She has moved on.

    • Shes worried about hurting me but I know she already has strong feelings for me. I just don't want screwed over.

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