Ex boyfriend wants to hang out but has a new girlfriend..PLEASE HELP, I'M CONFUSED!!!!! :(

So here goes the story, my ex boyfriend fell in love really really fast. We talked for 48 hours straight and it was like BOOM, were in love. Then he found out his ex was 4 months pregnant with his kid so he dumped me for her and tried to make it work. Three months later he dumps her for me and we get back together..then he ended up going to jail for a couple months for a DWI. While in jail he dumped me and got back with his ex again because the baby was bout to be born and they wanted to make it work. 2 months later after he is out of jail he finds out the kid isn't his and dumps her and within a month starts going out with a 16 year old. He's 20. About a month ago he started calling me asking if I wanted to buy weed from him and texting me too. I did buy weed once because a friend wanted it. Now he keeps asking me to hang out,buy weed or smoke with him all the time. I did hang out with him yesterday and he kept saying how depressed he is all the time and how I should hang out with him more often. I'm not going to lie I dressed a bit slutty because I wanted sex but he did not try one move on me. I'm not sure if its because I got so high I threw up and got sick or because he loves his girlfriend. He has never mentioned he has a girlfriend.. I saw he did on myspace, and on MySpace he acts like he's so happy and in love with her..so then why does he keep asking me to hang and stuff? PLEASE HELP! I'M SO CONFUSED!


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  • lose the guy...he's trouble


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