Would you f*** him over like this too girls?

Ok well I was seeing this guy two months and we were sleeping together. I'm a good person when it comes to girlfriend material! I spoiled the hell out of his daughter and bought her expensive clothes for a 3 year old an I also always bought him gym shorts, hanes t-shirts, shoes, like he had it good lol well now he is getting back with his ex that he has known forever! and so I am heartbroken and all he can say is "life goes on!" well so I am thinking, I used to f*** him all the time at his work cause he gets left there alone every night and so I have a whole bunch of text on my phone saying to go to his work at this time, or this time, and what building do we want to f*** in this time and what not and what time he had trucks coming in so I would have to leave well I am honest to god thinking about calling his boss and saying "I f***ed your security guy all over the tables in your company" and describe what I know is where and then even tell him I have a whole bunch of text on my phone about f***ing him and where we were going to do it to prove to the boss that I was there at times when I shouldn't have been and so f*** over this guys job for doing me dirty and everything... its a whole confusing situation and I don't really know what to do all I know is I hurt and I want revenge. He said to me "life goes on!" so after he loses his job I would want to say to him "life goes on!" and it would kinda be my revenge because I feel so heartbroken! I left my husband for this guy just because I knew him for a couple years! I don't know what to do but I'm thinking!

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BTW I have spent over $200 on him in these last two weeks and he is the one with the better job of like $15 or more an hour and he plays it cheap! so I honestly think he deserves to lose something too
I feel that it is wrong of me speaking of the economy and all I guess I just feel hurt.. I don't even know what I'm thinking this way for I know I would never have the heart to do it! but right now my heart feels shattered!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Would you really want to destroy a man's life over a two month relationship? Ok, so it didn't work out, but if you are good girlfriend material like you say, then you will have no trouble finding another right? What's the big deal?

    Think of it like this, he is not married but has a kid. He is working as a security watchman. He is getting back with an ex, which usually doesn't work out. Why would you want to kick him while he is down? Just leave him there, he will miss you, but you won't miss him.


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  • I can really feel you pain...But please try to remember, when you did what you did - at this time you wanted it and enjoyed it (I suppose, otherwise you wouldn't do it, right ?). This is a great think - you did what you liked, what you wanted to ! Try to see "half cup full" and not "half cup empty"...Never regret about things that once made you happy !

    Another angle to see it:

    People lose their love ones in one moment in car accidents / terror attacks - they loss much more painful. In your case, although it hurts right now - eventually you will find someone that worth and deserve you. Those people will never be able to fill the gap. So look on your situation in the perspective. (Frankly, this is what I am telling myself right now, when my girlfriend cheated and dumped me...)

  • Ow baby you are very upset.

    very sorry about you.

    He f***ed you and kind of you spent money for him and he left you.

    he is wrong but after this come to me.

  • How do you think your ex-husband felt when you left him for this bloke? This guy might not be the only one with shortcomings.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't mess with his job. Especially because of the fact that he has a little girl to help support. Think of how awful you'd feel if he wasn't able to help provide for the child that had absolutely nothing to do with this. Especially since getting a job can be proven to be a tough quest these days. The situation sucks, yep, but be a big girl and gather up your pride and dignity and move on.

    • He don't even support his daughter he is f***in 7 years older than me and he is a grown fkn man yet he sits and spends all his money on comics and stupid stuff and I felt bad for his daughter and the mother takes care of the daughter..

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    • Hes a really amazing guy and I am heartbroken, I know if he walked into a police station tomorrow he would walk out a cop. I'm just hurt and I guess time will heal.. Thank you tho, you kinda got my head thinking clear and normal again! thanks! :)

    • You have right to be hurt. And thinking of trying to hurt someone as they've hurt you isn't out of line either. It's normal. I'm sure you're an amazing girl as well, and someone would value you enough that they wouldn't trade you for anything.

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