My boyfriend of 2 years left me to be with another woman, and contacts me every 6 weeks or so to have sex?

The woman he left me for moved into his flat, but he won't finish our relationship. He threatens to chop my fingers off if I started a relationship with another man, and I don't feel that I can move on and leave our often difficult relationship behind me. I miss him, and think about him every day, mostly because I am on my own so much, and their is no other man in my area that I would want to be intimate with. I keep holding on for him to be the man I need him to be and build a life with me, but realistically figure that you can't make a bad man, be good? Should I continue with this dis-satisfying situation, with a little sex every so often while needing more from him, or accept being alone in the world until perhaps one day that handsome man I keep waiting for steps into my life?


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  • girl, all I can say is, let it go, get him out of your life and find someone new who can appreciate you much more better than him... the way he threatened you is a strong evidence of him being unreasonably possessive on u, when he himself got another woman... why would you want to still wait for him? he obviously don't appreciate you sweetheart, leave him, find someone new. if you are scared you can lodge a police report against him... I wish you all the best :)

    • Thanks... ultimately this thing with him is to do with conflict between muslim practices, and Christian, western practices. I love him, and he knows this so I guess he plays on it... that he is a selfish player who figures he can do as he pleases. My problem is that I let him, because I want him. I will get through it when I know my hope for his change is futile. ONE LOVE. Kx

    • U mean he's a muslim or you are muslim? no matter what girl, I am a muslim as well, and God have stated in holy Quran, good men are meant for good women and vice versa... for me its just shows that you totally deserve someone better :) be stronger and I know you can do it, aren't we women always good at enduring pain ;)

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  • Chop your fingers off? What is this, North Korea?

    Get out of there, that should be a no brainer, read your question as if it were someone else's and you'd see that you are being trapped emotionally by a man who is only interested in sex. Do you want to be that kind of woman?

    As for there being no other interesting men around, I doubt that. You are either not actually looking, or looking for a guy who is exactly like the old one, but good in everyway, which kind of seems like a paradox. Put yourself out there, and if this dude is serious about the fingers thing, get a restraining order.


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  • He will chop your fingers off and you still sleep with him every so often... I don't even have a comment to say about this... What would make you agree to this. He is basically using your emotions and feelings to keep you on the side for sex, whilst his woman waits for him at home and to top it off he is threatening you... run away and you might need to get a restraining order.

    You don't need him in your life you need to cut all contact with him once and for all, you re better off without this douche.

    Wait till someone better comes along and keep looking for him too, don't just sit there and expect him to knock on your door, you need to make some effort and please try to avoid men like your ex or anyone who is slightly like him!


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