Is this something stupid to be proud of?

So i started a new job maybe about 5 months ago.
I’ve stated before but I’m a bus monitor for special need kids.
I started with riding along 3 routes set in stone, and then every now and then a random route. If needed. One of the drivers was trainer/recruiter and he said he had talked highly of me about a month of riding his route. (Who also told me he was sad to see me leave his route but he understood why they were taking me) I was then offered to do stand by to get more hours and they said they would prefer me to be the stand by cause they think I’d be good at it. I took it, but they ended up putting me on a set route. But now i have another driver who asked me to be their aid, but my driver now said no, as she doesn’t wanna lose me.

I feel like i have drivers “fighting” over me, and it makes me happy and Proud? Is it dumb? I’ve only been here and there’s people who have been here since they opened (7 years ago)
Is this something stupid to be proud of?
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