He Doesn't Want to Come Grab His Things?

I briefly dated a guy and he lent me something from his work and asked me to return it when I was done with it. Recently the dating relationship ended because my ex decided to interfere because he decided he wanted to try and work things out and got jealous that I was seeing someone else.

Well, that guy that I was dating decided he wasn't interested in continuing anything because my ex keeps trying to get in the way (me getting back with my ex is a different issue that I haven't even bothered considering).

I like this guy, but I respect his decision since we haven't even done anything that would get ✨feelings✨ involved. The most we've done is kiss, so there aren't really any feelings on my side.

I'm just honestly trying to return the item he lent me.

We discussed either him coming to pick it up or me dropping it off but now he's telling me he's "still deciding if meeting [me] is a good idea."

What gives? All I was going to do was drop it off and drive away. We had only just started dating so there shouldn't be any feelings or anything keeping us from a literal ten second exchange ("Hi, here's the thing. Have a nice life, bye").

He's also going to get in trouble with his work if he doesn't get the item back soon. Shouldn't he want it back sooner than later?
He Doesn't Want to Come Grab His Things?
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