Confused by my ex actions?

He was the one that broke the no contact and wanted to meet me. On our date he was quite affectionate and kept looking deeply in my eyes with a smile on his face and touching me. We even met some people at the bar and told them we are dating.
But at the end of the night he asked me what I feel about our relationship and I told him I’m confused and afraid he hurt me again by being distant and busy with work. Once I said that he changed his way and told me he wants to end my confusion, he doesn’t want to hurt me so let’s break up. he said he loves me but not in love with me which I feel is bullshit but he insists on it.
I then felt sick and passed out for an hour and when I opened my eyes he was looking at me worried.
It feels like a really bad nightmare I had 😭
how come he was romantic and all before I told him I’m confused?
Confused by my ex actions?
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