Is there any chance of getting an ex back if....?

I know exes are exes for a reason, but I often think that if some time has passed and people have changed things could work a lot better the next time round.

so the good: It's been a while and the 2 people have had a big break from each other and dated other people (8 months).

The bad: The girl dated the guys friend in the meantime, and I know guys absolutely hate that, makes them move on and black list people, treat them like they are contaminated and have nothing more to do with them.

So I guess I'm asking, if you combined the good and the bad there, would you get back with someone you had a good relationship, even though some bad stuff happened later, if enough time had passed? would it depend how much you loved the person? Or do you just forget and move on from people who dated your friends without a second thought and never hurt or miss them again?

As a girl, I would give a guy another chance if I loved him enough and I'd cooled down from the event and he apologized and didn't upset my friend too much, but that's just me. tell me guys!


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  • I've been in this situation before. I dated a guy for a while and dumped him. Then I went on to date his friend. The entire time I was in the second relationship, the first friend I dated was working against me trying to covince the other guy to dump me for every little fight we had. Also it was a huge joke amongst all of them that I dated two friends. Eventually the second guy did break up with me, largely based on the influence of friends, and now I am blacklisted from that entire group - even though I became good friends with all of them. I learned never make that mistake again, never ever date a guy's friend. A) its wrong and B) they will never give you the time of day again and will look down on you. First, I drove two friends apart by dating them both. Then when I was out of the relationship, their friendship was strengthened by "bonding" over how they had both dated me and were both done with me. Biggest mistake of my life, and very very embarrassing. Never date a guy's friend. It's just wrong.

    • Very interesting... I never did that. But I guess we learn from our mistakes. Because I slept with my best friend's ex boyfriend and I should not have done that. She and him were still sleeping together and when she found out she was mad at him for sleeping with me... but it was all kind of twisted... and then he came to apologize to me, few months later they got back together because he still loved her and only used me to make her jealous. I would advise people NOT do date BFF exes...

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  • it is a bad thing to do. It shows a complete lack of ability to be choosy and inability to show respect. Was it soon after the break up that you dated the friend even worse. It will be a long time and much maturing before any chance of getting back together is possible. And in that time someone who hasn't disrespected him will look a lot more appealing.


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  • im so in love with my ex that right now if he asked me to come back to him id do it in a heart beat. he broke my heart yesterday he told me he don't want to wait for me no more to move to his side of the usa. things happen that I can't move right now. I miss him so much but he hurt me so bad. so if you love that man id say go for it if he will take you back

    • Nah, he hates me because I dated his friend, plus he's dating someone new now, seems like he's completely recovered and doesn't care :/

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