Is there any chance of getting an ex back if....?

I know exes are exes for a reason, but I often think that if some time has passed and people have changed things could work a lot better the next time round.

so the good: It's been a while and the 2 people have had a big break from each other and dated other people (8 months).

The bad: The girl dated the guys friend in the meantime, and I know guys absolutely hate that, makes them move on and black list people, treat them like they are contaminated and have nothing more to do with them.

So I guess I'm asking, if you combined the good and the bad there, would you get back with someone you had a good relationship, even though some bad stuff happened later, if enough time had passed? would it depend how much you loved the person? Or do you just forget and move on from people who dated your friends without a second thought and never hurt or miss them again?

As a girl, I would give a guy another chance if I loved him enough and I'd cooled down from the event and he apologized and didn't upset my friend too much, but that's just me. tell me guys!
Is there any chance of getting an ex back if....?
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