HELP.. A married girl is in love with me?

Hear me out; there is this college friend I have known for a while. We were great friends and all. And someday I kissed her out of the blue and she said nth about it.
She then told me, she loved it, and wanted to do the same for a while.
Only problem is... She was engaged.
Apparently she is marrying someone and is in love with me...
Obviously kissing her was the ultimate mistake, but I NEVER knew before doing so that she was engaged.
Now she is married, and constantly reaffirms her love for me.
How do I lay her off without making so many troubles?

AGAIN: I did not know she was in a formal relationship, and she already had feelings for me beforehand, and unfortunately strengthened with the kiss.
HELP.. A married girl is in love with me?
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