How do I handle my ex moving on and pursuing other girls?

Recently, I found my ex was talking to someone I know and is interested in pursuing them. I wouldn't go as far to consider this person as a friend. More like an acquaintance. However, I saw them together, being all flirty and touchy, and a friend of mine told me they were talking. It made me feel kind of jealous and hurt to point I actually broke down in tears. Which I found weird, since he broke up with me almost three months ago a couple days before my birthday. I still some leftover feelings for him ever since that I just want to get rid of, but can't. It just something hard for me to let go and I hate that.

I'm not trying to say he shouldn't be allowed to date other girls or pursue them because that's just ridiculous. He broke up with me and he has thebright to do so and move on, I just didn't expect it to happen at that moment. We're all in the same grade. They both have English and I believe a remediation class together. Every time I see them together, it bothers me. Mostly because I know what's going on. Some of my friends know about this, they tell me not to worry because she's a slut anyways and etc. Apparently, she dated a grown man a couple years ago. I honestly don't know if that's true and I don't know how she is when it comes to relationships, so I'm not gonna bash her name like that, but still. I also receive a message from somebody, dissing me on sarahah. To put it plain and simple, they basically said she was my replacement and laughed.

I just want to know how to cope with it and move on without letting my feelings get in the way.

How do I handle my ex moving on and pursuing other girls?
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