Should I break up with him?

I found this guy whom I thought was Prince Charming. Know not so much. Like he make me happy the best sex but there's time that he makes me sad.

On Valentine's Day I Ubered to his house it coats like $17.89. And I bought ten $ for beer and then later that night I wanted a Burrito and I owed him cheese it so I said buy a box and get ten dollars off my card he depends $16 and I told him I can afford to buy him smoke he buys it anyways spend like $8 one store and $2 the next then fucking didn't get me shit for Valentine's Day
And I bought him shoes that are being sent to my house
And he got mad at me that day
I had to uber home at 235
And he had then audacity to say am I mad because he didn't give me sex
Break up
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Should I break up with him?
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