I really don’t understand anything :)?

So, I was dating this boy and we lasted 4 months, we broke up, then three months later we came back together and we lasted 6 months and we broke up again, the reason: he was just too immature, he didn’t really care that much but he’s like that in general, I tried breaking up with him for 3 weeks or so but he wouldn’t let me, he tried to change and he just didn’t want to break up, at some point we just fought too much and I guess he was done so that’s when we finally broke up.
That’s fine, I was moving on, I think he was too since he would like other girls pictures. So it’s been 2 months since we broke up and a week ago we saw each other at a party, we were both very drunk, he said he wanted to talk to me, but since we were really drunk our friends didn’t let us, next day morning he sends me a text saying that he just wanted to talk to fix things or even to get back together (wtf?) but that he needed to tell me this in person, so we agreed to see each other on Wednesday (which is by the way our one year anniversary, which he didn’t remember) but his parents were mad at him so he couldn’t, we agreed to see each other on Saturday (today) but he hasn’t shown any signals, he’s been online but hasn’t texted me and didn’t reply my call.
Should I just block him already?
Should I write an angry text?
I really don’t understand anything :)?
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