Should I give him a second chance?

My ex broke up with me a year ago because he thought I cheated on him (I didn't of course). I was hurt, confused, angry, and most of all broken hearted. Things got real ugly and we stop speaking. Out of the blue he called and apologized for everything! Even realized I didn't cheat on him. Now he wants to be friends but gradually wants to be back in a relationship. Should I believe him or haul ass?


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  • It sounds like he may have it a rough patch in his life and is seeking comfort from someone who he has had an emotional connection with. But that doesn't matter, in my opinion. I'm guessing that you had pretty much gotten over the situation before he said something. You and his relationship has already failed once because he was jealous. I doubt he has changed much in a year. Don't re-open an old wound.

  • "Should I believe him or haul ass?"

    One year ago, he lost trust in you. Now, it is your turn to doubt him.

    It was a big misunderstanding on his part, sure.

    a. Did you unintentionally create a "suspicious situation" (one year ago)?

    b. Was he paranoid, has a history of lacking in self-esteem?

    If a). It can be a communication problem. It can be improved by being honest with each other, laying all the cards on the table faces up, all the time. Trust can still be built.

    If b). Forget it. Tell him to heal himself first. Until he learnt to trust you (and you trust him), what is the point of sleeping with someone you don't trust.

    Where there is no trust, there is no love. Just think of someone you don't trust, do you get a feeling of love inside you? No. Meaning, whatever you do, don't re-establish a relationship until you can trust each other.


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