When is it time to move onto another job?

Are there indicators that you are just done at a certain place? Like, how do I know when it is better for me to try somewhere else as opposed to stay where I am for most likely less pay. I have a lot of perks though. How did you know, or how can I tell when it is time to move on?


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  • move on if your board, unhappy or stressed. you may be scared of change or of trying something new but sometimes you just got to plunge. I recently had to make this decision and it was really hard and took a lot of time and soul searching because I loved my job but the stress was to much and I never realized how unhappy I was because I loved what I did. In the end I moved on and I'm so much happier. Hope everything works out for you.

  • If there are no chances for a promotion

    you're getting bored with your work

    you hate the people you work with


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