Still Have To Live With My Ex, What Should I Do?

I'm at university and I live in the room next to my ex. Things were fine until a week ago when he dumped me (he didn't love me anymore). We are on good terms but that does not mean it is healthy for either of us to live so closely to each other as we get over the relationship.

The thing is, I can't move out until the first week of May. I can't go back home for a bit as I miss classes at university and I don't have the money. I also got the short straw in most of this. We planned to live together (my ex and current flatmates) but I have been told it's best I don't live with them. This means I'd be on my own. I doubt I would get somewhere nice to live this short notice (you move into new housing in August, the best ones have already been reserved). I'd be out of pocket due to losing my disposit on the new house, I won't have any friends to live with (they will all be in this house) and I will also be fined for breaking the housing contract.

I know it sounds selfish of me and I wouldn't want him to be in my place but part of me envies my Ex. He gets to live in the house next year, he has all the flat to comfort him (I don't as he always tells me "I need time to myself" if I ever try to join in on the parties or watching a movie as a flat).

It was my first relationship and I was super stupid. I thought because we had been together for a long time, it would be okay. I was wrong.
Still Have To Live With My Ex, What Should I Do?
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