Guys, can you be friends with an ex-girlfriend and have NO lingering feelings at all?

There's a guy I like. But he has a girlfriend. He's really cool, and REALLY attractive, but he always seems to have an on and off relationship with his girlfriend. I don't get it. Are all guys like this? How common is this? How long does it take for a guy to get over this phase?


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  • If someone was important in your life, you don't ever really get over them. Will you ever get over how much your relatives and friends mean to you. They were a part of your life, and continue to be when they are gone. Every human is like this. If she REALLY meant something to him at one point, he won't ever forget her. If he is around her a lot, it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of remembering the good times, getting back together, then realizing why they broke up in the first place. When someone you knew is gone, you don't naturally remember the bad times you had with them, you remember the good times. Even if there were few of them.

  • I'm still on good terms with ex girlfriends if we had a clean breakup and we split up because we weren't fit for each other and not because of random crap.

    For me personally, once its over, it is over. I see on/off relationships frequently, mostly because either they don't talk enough or they talk too much and they get worked up quickly, I've even known a couple that did it because makeup sex was super good.

    When he's bored with the situation or lost interest in the girl because of it, he's done with it.


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