Should I cut Him Off?

Me and this guy have been talking for about 4 months. It was very friendly, we were like best friends. He always opened up to me and he is never usually like this with anybody else. He invited me over to study last week and it led to hooking up. This happened again 2 days later.

I ask him what are we, friends with benefits, or what’s up? I just wanted him to be straight up and tbh I didn’t know what I wanted exaclty. All I knew was that if he decided he didn’t like me, I would still be his friend because our friendship was just that good, I didn’t wanna waste it. He asks for a second, goes to the washroom, and comes back and says “make me like you” . I told him I didn’t wanna force anything but we ended up making out. This got me very attached because I thought he was willing to take the risk for me. He literally said he wants to take the risk.

The next day he was off. This whole weekend he has been acting shady, so I ask him last night to be 100 with me. I said he is acting like he doesn’t care about me and he replies, “I don’t show I care because, I don’t know”. Our whole conversation he seemed annoyed of me and I told him he is making me cry but all he says is “sorry”. He doesn’t even say “I’m sorry.” He doesn’t show genuine care and he uses the excuse that this is the way he is, but I know he isn’t like this. I am not stupid, and i know he is using that excuse because he doesn’t wanna hurt me, what he doesn’t know is that this hurts even more than him being real with me and telling me he doesn’t want anything.

I was willing to stay friends but he told me he wants more, and got my hopes up and got me even more attached. But now I am confused because he doesn’t even care! He basically broke up with me and I am honestly in such a confused part where I’m unsure if I should cut him off completely and delete his Snapchat, his number, or should I just be cool about it and leave it to fate? Please someone help Me out.
Should I cut Him Off?
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