My ex boyfriend is doing things I don't understand.

My ex boyfriend is doing things I don't understand we broke up and moved out, then he took our daughter for a visit he asked if anyone has been in our house and my kids like moms friends and then he's like is it a guy? and she's like no daddy there all girls...he also signed an agreement saying he would pick our kids up at my sisters, now he won't and dropped off a letter saying he wants to pick them up at my house and also be able to phone when he's not suppose to call my house we have no contact, and he calls my house on the days he picks up the kids but I don't answer -but then he doesn't even call my sisters regarding the kids like if he's late or something and he's suppose to contact me threw her? what's going on?


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  • Oh, he's still wants to be with you and have control over your actions and that's not right. Bottom line here, it's messing with your kid and THAT'S so not right. You should let him know that he needs to stick with the agreement you both previously set on the custody of your child and that that's all he needs to worry about. That you're out of each others' lives and the only thing he needs to concern himself with is making sure your kid is happy and that you're going to do the same. If he keeps causing more problems though, I would talk to a court mediator. If your custody agreement is out of the courts, you may want to think about filing for primary/full custody, because your daughter should not have to go through his emotions on top of dealing with the fact that her parents are no longer together. He's thinking about himself and himself only :(. Good luck girl!


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