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After me and my boyfriend had been dating for 5 months I went to a house party without him. There was a bunch of guys there and only a couple girls who I all knew personally and who knew I had a boyfriend. We were playing drinking games and such, and I am a total lightweight. I ended up getting drunk to the point where I blacked out and puked all over myself. Two guys ended up wiping me off and trying to wake me up. Long story short I ended up giving them handjobs and kissing one. I don't remember anything but my eyes were puffy and red in the morning which happens after a night of crying. So I am assuming I was pretty upset. One of the guys ended up telling me the next day what all happened. I know drinking is not an excuse for anything that happened that night and I have regretted it more then anything in my life. I ended up telling my boyfriend right away and he has never been so angry at me. He was going to break up with me but I did everything in my power to stay with him. I was miserable for weeks. We are still together and have been for a year and a half and it is still one of my biggest regrets and I will never forgive myself. Just looking for other peoples opinion on the situation. Guys would you break up with a girl because of this?

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  • You seem genuinely remorseful, so that's a maybe. Adults in general have to take personal responsibility for putting themselves in situations like this. If my girlfriend did this once, I would surely rage then forgive her after a long healing process. She would have to show great remorse. Even then I would never forget.

    Depends on the girl as well. If she loves to go out drinking with strangers, I would leave her immediately. If she was a saint in the wrong place at the wrong time, again, it would be a long road to recovery.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Yes, I probably would break up with a girl for this. Honestly, if I found my girl putting herself in situations where guys would take advantage of her, I wouldn't trust her to make smart decisions in the future. Even if I let her come back, there would be no going out drinking with random guys. I think that you're really lucky to have a guy overlook what you did, and you should count your blessings every day you're still with him.

  • It is bad on the those boys part that even knowing that you have a boyfrined they lure you/force you/ let you give them handjob and kiss them. That means that you were in a bad and unrespectful compnay that night.

    As far as trust is concern, I think your Boyfriend showed a great character by not dumping you but giving you another chance. This may be due to you telling him what had happened honestly. He might have seen the remorse and regret in your eyes.

    However, it is you job not to feel this as you got away with it lightly. You need to earn his trust. You have to work way much more to prove that you truly love him and that such thing will never happen again.

    You will need to be extremely patient if at times when your Boyfriend is down he may bring this up in convo. You know you done a great mistake and nobody forget things so easily.

  • If a girl I was with did that, I would really have to be in love with her to let it slide, even if she was really drunk and very remorseful about it. It would take months to regain my trust, and if anything like that ever happened again I would dump her like a bag of rocks.

    If you know you're a lightweight, why would you drink that much? Nobody has ever said "I was so drunk I blacked out and puked everywhere. I've never been so proud of myself." Good things do not happen when you get that kind of drunk. I recommend you give up excessive drinking if you're a lightweight and a slutty drunk.

    • I don't believe I said "i have never been so proud of myself" I have never regretted anything more in my life. it was one of my first times drinking and I haven't touched alchol since. but thanks for your opinion.

    • I didn't say you said that. I in fact said that nobody has ever said that. Meaning that being that drunk is always a bad idea.

    • Well of course it is.

What Girls Said 2

  • Obviously, HE LOVES YOU! My friend cheated on her boyfriend about 2 years ago. I asked her how she felt about it and she said "oh I forgot about it".

    Please, just feel lucky he kept you after all that. Forget about it and have a good relationship with him, this is your second chance! x

  • i'd break up with someone if they did this. you're an adult, you should be able to control yourself, and I don't mean giving the guys a handjob when you're drunk, I mean not getting that drunk in the 1st place so you could avoid situations like this.


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