Should I get back with my ex-girlfriend?

I broke up with this girl a year ago because I didn't like her temper and she refused to listen whenever I tried to explain the situation to her, and she just kept going on her own way. Even though, we broke up but we still contact each other and suddenly few days ago we both felt this spark after fooling around. I started having this attracted feeling toward her again. The problem is that I don't want to bare the constant temper of her again because it will definately turn me off. A 2nd problem is that we are both co-worker and for me having to look at her everyday will drive me crazy of trying not to think of her.

So, what should I do?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Well you suddenly got attracted 2 her,so what ever natural reason that made you get attracted 2 her again would make you bear d pains she causes u,u like her and nothing can change dat..try and talk 2 her about her temper when she z in a happy mood,confront her seriously about it,then there would be chance she might really change..


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  • I wouldn't recommend getting back together. A bad temper is not the kind of personality trait that changes easily, so if that was the deal breaker before it most likely will be again. It's not uncommon to feel a spark with an ex, simply because of the familiarity it brings to light. And it doesn't necessarily mean there's anything new that could overcome your past problems. Sounds like you would be better off to avoid starting any new drama.

  • Don't do it. It won't be long and she'll be the same bull headed person you left and you'll realize why you left in the first place. Keep blazing trails ahead. Don't look/go back. All you'll do is drum up some old emotions that you don't want to revisit.


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