If you're on a break?

OK so there's a out of the blue topic that my buddy had while we were drinking in the barracks, it's " you're on a break from your girl friend, are you in the right or wrong if you have sex with someone else" what do you think? He said he was kidding but I think he needs an answer. I'm not to sure how to answer this except for what terms they went on this break for." See other people" that kind of other thing.


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  • Ideally, I think that if people are going to take a "break" with the anticipation that they will get back together afterward, they should set out terms and expectations for their break.

    Since I'm assuming this doesn't happen very often, then I think it depends on WHY the two people decide to take a break. For example, if the reason for the break is to see other people, then it's probably expected that they might have sex with other people. If the break is because they have issues and they need some time apart to figure things out, then adding other people to the mix will probably just make things more complicated.

    In general though, if you plan on getting back together with someone and you think they might be upset if you have sex with other people during your break, you probably shouldn't have sex with other people.


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  • Um okay either there broke up or not, a break is middle school sh*t really, I say go for it if he wanted break there's gotta be something else that he wants :)

  • I guess it depends. If I really loved someone and I was on a break, I wouldn't even want to have sex with anyone else.

    Everyone is different though.

    • True I agree somewhat on both more this though. I see a break as a mutual understanding on to some time apart to relieve some tension that might have arised.

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  • your on a break, it's fine. However, I don't get this break stuff, if you don't wanna date then just end it.


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