Do all girls call back when they like a guy?

So I have had a few girlfriends in the past. Not EVERY ONE called back when I called them or they said they would call me. I am talking about when we were in the dating phase. I keep reading on here that if the girl likes the guy, she WILL call back. But since I have had the opposite happen just as many times, I do not think this is true. So do some girls just not call guys? That seems to be a thing to.

It seems like some girls call back, and some girls just don't call back. And this does not depend on the guy.

Can someone enlighten me?

Here is another question. Do different cultures teach girls to never call a guy? Like, they say the guy should always call them?

And third question, besides the non returning of calls, would there be any way of knowing if you should give up?


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  • i can only speak for myself when I say I do call back to my boyfriends.

    given that all of my relationships have been long distance [ it took an hour or so to get to their houses ], we would talk everyday.

    and when I'm busy and say I would call back...i usually do.

    the only exception is if I tell them I would have to talk to them tomorrow or whenever was convenient.


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  • There's no answer that will satisfy your question, simply because all women are different. Some girls think by not calling, they're playing hard to get. Other girls don't call because they just aren't into the guy. It depends on the specific person.

    • I am in a situation right now, where the girl doesn't get my call, and then texts me apologizing. Sometimes she says she will call back and never does. But, when I do get her on the phone she is very perceptive and when I went out with her she is very perceptive. Its like...I feel like she is ignoring me, but likes me when I am engaging her in conversation or interacting with her. I am about o give up calling.

What Guys Said 2

  • If she doesn't call you back or ever initiate contact then she's isn't thinking of you, she's thinking of other things. When I really like somebody, I can't get them out of my head and would jump at the opportunity to talk with them.

  • I'm bad at keeping in touch. I may say I'll call but then I'd forget. That's just for friends though not someone I was interested in. I know a few women that would never initiate a phone call. That didn't last long. If she doesn't call back, just think that it probably wouldn't have worked out and you just saved yourself time and money. :D


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