My heart and my mind are in different spaces?

My boyfriend (or ex at this point) and I have had several arguments because he very jealous. I am a nice looking woman and he feels a bit ensecure. He's been cheated on before and he's cheated on his ex but I've tried to talk to him and ask him to please move on and that I don't have to pay for others mistakes but he seems to be stuck. Over a week ago we got into a spat about something and he told me that he needed some time by himself. I asked him if he was breaking up with me and didn't answer so I asked again telling him that if he no longer loved or wanted to be with me to just please be honest and tell me straight forward. I could handle it and would respect his decision. He said he needed time. I told him it was a simple yes or no and that I needed him to understand that this was hurting me. I asked that he consider how he would feel if I did this to him and his response was "I just want to be alone right now". He didn't break up and now he tells me that he is not with anyone else, that he still loves me and doesn't want me to walk away but he won't break up with me or go back to how we were. I'm giving him the space he is asking for but I don't know if I should keep holding on or just let go. I feel in love with him and thought that maybe he could be the person I could share my life with. This hurts and I love him but I'm unsure of what to do... my mind and heart are in two different places. Can you please give me any advice? We are not seeing each other physically or having sex so it's not like that. He says he loves me and wants to marry me but then he says this and I'm confused and hurt.

My heart and my mind are in different spaces?
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