Is my boyfriend cheating?

My boyfriend constantly accuses me of cheating just because I'm in college and he's still in high school. I have told him MANY times that I do not cheat because I think cheating is wrong. He still accuses me. For instance, I go to the library or to Walmart and he thinks of off with some guy. However all the signs point to him cheating. He talks to girls that I ask him not to, girls call & text during our time and he says their gay and he has reasons for everything he does. I have confronted him many times and he assures me that he is not doing anything and that he wants to spend his life with me. We have been together for 15 months.I feel like he's accusing me because he's the one doing it. Is he cheating?

Our relationship hasn't always been easy. I feel that he is very insecure because he does not want me talking to any guys and tried to make me end my friendship with my best guy friend of 2 years. However he gets mad when I flip out over girls.
He always tells me how cheating is wrong and that he will never do it because of his past relationships. What's his problem?


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  • Their is a possibility that he could be cheating or is going to cheat. He may feel guilty that he is talking to other girls or seeing other girls and is afraid that you are doing the same behind his back. Why is he so paranoid? Has he been cheated on before? If he has been cheated on before he may just have problems trusting. It takes time to heal from being hurt so if he has a past of girlfriends cheating just show him that your faithful. With time he will see that you are faithful. To see if he is cheating just be aware of his behavior. Has he been dressing differently, changing his schedules, acting weird when his phone goes off around you? if he silences his phone and doesn't look at it while he is with you or is acting strange then he is probably cheating or hiding something from you. Trust your intuition. A girls intuition is almost always right. Good luck!


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  • With no trust their is no relationship. If you two can't trust each other and wonder everyday what he is doing...or vise will just go crazy. It's defiantly not healthy. I also don't think that he is being fair. It's okay for him to have girls as friends but it isn't okay for you to have guy friends?

    That is not right and he should really stop that. It sounds like your boyfriend hasn't healed from his past experiences with girlfriends cheating on him. Don't end friendships because of your boyfriends insecurities unless if those guys really do want more from you. Maybe if he knew your guy friends as well as you did he would feel comfortable you talking to them? Is it possible for him to be friends with your guy friends as well?


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