Was it my fault that he went for another girl, or is he just an as***?

We were dating for a month, almost everyday.
I had made it clear in the beginning that I am interested for someone more serious and not just to pass time with him. Also I made it clear that if he likes or dates another person, i don’t want to be a part of his life. He said that he has the same intentions as I do, and we continued.

Lately he became a bit more distant but when i confronted, he said that it is because he has a lot going on this time.

However, when valentines day came (we made plans for that day priory), he lied telling me that his aunt was sick. I decided to check on him, and i caught him going out of his apartment with another woman. When i confronted him, he became very verbally agressive, not wanting to give me explanations. We talked via phone afterwards, and except from everything else, he told me that it didn’t work between us because i was the weirdest person he had ever met, and that i should fix my face and body before i go out with him. I was shocked by the way he was talking to me, we never had that type of communication.

For your courtesy i was always been told that i am pretty, by litterally everyone I know. I also work and I’m following my master studies, and I pay for my own rent and bills since I was 18. My friends always compliment me on my elegance and attitude. But this guy said something that made me think.

The girl he was seeing, i found out that they go out since 2 years ago. She was a former flight attendant and was a girlfriend to a married man, who beated this guy, after he found out that they were dating..
Was it my fault that he went for another girl, or is he just an as***?
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