Why does my ex boyfriend keep asking me this?

So me and my ex boyfriend broke up 3 weeks ago and we were together for 1 and a half years
Its both our longest relationship
He wanted to focus on pursuing his dream job so he can't give me 100% commitment, time and attention anymore so he had to let me go
But he still wants to remain friends
We didn't talk much during the first week of the break up other than him messaging me to apologize to me
He asked me out on valentines day to the movies and for dinner and he also bought me bouquet of flowers that day
Ever since that day, he has been contacting me more often via facebook messaging
Then yesterday night, he asked me if he could call me and I said "yeah" coz I thought he had something important to tell me
So he called me straight away
And then we had a 20 minute conversation
He was asking how Im doing, my job, my weekend plans, what I've been upto
And then he was talking about his job and about the career he's pursuing right now and his future plans about it
And then he kept asking me "have u been on going dates? Tell me. I dont care"
And I would just try to avoid that topic because I have been going on dates but Im not gonna tell him that
And then he kept asking me "tell me how many dates youve been on? Are u going on dates this weekend? Just tell me.. i dont care. And I know how you are. you're not like me. All I do is go to work, come home, eat, sleep and then gym and then home again. I know you go out everyday. But if u are going on dates, good luck. Hope u find a guy that can deal with your craziness"
Like why does he keep asking me if im going on dates?
If he doesn't care, then why keep asking and saying all of this?
And why would he randomly want to call me? He wants to see how im doing?
I still have feelings for him and dont wanna lose him but im just frustrated on what he wants!
Do you guys think he lost romantic feelings for me?
Does he really not care that im dating other guys/going on dates?
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  • Look he likes u and cares for u a lot.. it's not normal for a respectful person to let someone go if they have their goals ahead first... how ever.. with him asking u if u r going on dates.. and than calling u crazy it's a game... it's like he wants too have the best of both worlds.. like be single fuck around do what he is doing.. and hoping u stay single long enough to wait for him... look if he wanted to be with u he would make it possible.. if I where u I'd cut ties with him.. and move on.. sounds like a storm waiting to hit..


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'mma break this down for you:

    "He wanted to focus on pursuing his dream job so he can't give me 100% commitment" - He wants you as a side girl that only exists on his schedule.

    ""have u been on going dates? Tell me. I dont care" Doesn't care, but demanding you tell him? YEAH OKAY.

    "All I do is go to work, come home, eat, sleep and then gym and then home again" - Poor baby, his plan to sideline you for work (and probably other girls) didn't pan out, now he's sad.

    "I know you go out everyday. But if u are going on dates, good luck. " - Possessive and jealous. Nice.

    "deal with your craziness" - Projecting and gaslighting. Psycho and abusive.

    He's trying to crawl back and make you the one to take the heat for it.

    I would never talk to this nobody again.

    • LMFAOOOO what the fuck?
      he's never been controlling or abusive. Wtf hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ im not taking advice from little shits like you omg hahahahhaha

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    • @wazzergump Omg i didn't even read what she said to you before this.

      Girl's got some issues.

    • LmaaooooooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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What Guys Said 8

  • he's controlling and mksses having sex with you. Tell him you go on lots of dates and i bet my bollocks he'll probe you for every detail and make you feel bad for it. Just move on really.

    • If you really love someone no sacrafice matters compared to keep their love

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    • Wasting my time

    • Bye freak

  • He is a control freak and you need to walk away. This is the kind of game a control freak plays. You should stop talking to him permanently. Block all sources of contact.

  • He's just doing what he thinks is right by pursuing his dream job as it will something certain, reliable and will give him a future , but you are a quandary. It might work out but it not, you might not be his future. You may spurn him but his job will not.

  • ''Hope u find a guy that can deal with your craziness'' is very weird part.

    And yeah, he loves you and just he doesn't want to lose you like you feel :) Men are like that.

  • It’s more than obvious that he is hurt. You can’t feel hurt unless you have feelings.

  • He still has duh feels for you.

  • He misses you and still wants to be with you

  • Nigga please...


What Girls Said 2

  • He still has feelings for you

  • He obviously does care if you are going on dates. It might just be best to cu contact and move on completely.


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