Is this a way to break up with your girlfriend?

well my boyfriend well I don't know if he's my ex...well anyways.he has been ignoring me being a total jerk to me.and well he never broke up with me.well never did.and well on his facebook status he changed from in a relationship to single.and my friend told me that he said we broke up..but he never told me it was over or anything I'm confused...i think that he wasn't manly enough to officially break up with me in person or by the phone or something..Should I ask him if we broke up or something?


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  • He's just being a pansy. Here's the thing, ask him. Don't get secondary sources, and make him talk to you face to face. If he did, then he's not worthy of you. Any guy who feels the need to secretly do it is overall immature and weak. IF he did, then he doesn't deserve you and you can do much, much better.

    • Im going to ask him when ever I see him or even get a chance to talk to him since.hes been ignoring me and I don't see him as often.thanks for the advice

  • That's EXACTLY what it sounds like - like he was too chicken to tell you that he doesn't want to be with you anymore. Definitely hit him up, ask him just to bottom line, let you know what the deal is because that's the least you deserve. If he doesn't answer at all, then you know what the answer is honey.

    My heart goes out to you, this totally SUCKS, but it looks like you dodged a bullet! This is obviously someone who's not considerate enough to let you know what the deal is before he skips out - ugh, super disrespectful and just jerky. Good luck honey!

    • Thanks for the luck.i know its really disrespectful and he's being a total jerk

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