What is he really saying?

Me. Big break up. My ex writes this email-

What is he really saying here? I don't trust him. What does he want from me?

He Wrote:

I don't want you to end up feeling unhappy and un-communicated with. I

> apologize deeply and sincerely for all the upset that I have caused you

> to feel.

All things considered - I am doing fine - you might even say incredible

> - given the amount of stuff I am supposed to do (at work and at play).


> I know things are not really totally complete and done with between us.

> I suppose over the next few weeks we will have time (I will anyway) to

> address the issues that remain. And hopefully finish or make more happy

> those things that I have some control over.


> Love always,


> A



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  • Extremely egoistic and narcisstic loser. I would have givien him some benefit of doubt if he would have sent simple apology and sorry. But this very smartly crafted masterpeice(email) showed how manipuative character he is.

    |dont reply, that will be the best revenge. Move on before you lose your sanity with this guy.

    • Thank you. I felt the same but I was feeling completely confused. Thanks so much for seeing through the issue. Many blessings, O

    • MY pleasure, told you with my experience. I went through similar type of situation with my ex. you may write to me anytime if you want some further help and a friendly advice to keep you motivated and strong. chin up ...head high girl.!!

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  • Sounds like a freaking egotistic, egghead that cares only about himself. I know his kind.. they're assholes. you're better off w/o him.

    • Dear Snow Angel, Thank you. He is an egghead. Many blessings, OLIVIA p.s. your comment helped me alot.

    • Glad I could help ^_^

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