He fucked another girl on Valentine’s Day then broke up with me 😢?

For the past 2 months I’ve been dating this guy he’s 21! I’m 23! There’s a little bit of a age difference but I over looked it. We have been inseparable ever since we met, 247 7 days a week up underneath each other. It’s been amazing. My heart hasn’t been so full in years.
Then everything just changed and fell apart
Last week it was the day before Valentine’s Day I told him all I wanted was flowers 💐 for Valentine’s Day, he told me that he was gonna take me out and do something special. The morning of Valentine’s Day everything was good he left me around 10 am and told me he had to help his sister move her stuff outta storage and that he’ll be back tonight then we can do something special. The whole day passes I hardly hear from him. Then he tells me he can’t come back to me because he doesn’t have a ride back to Maryland he lives in west v his story went like this “after helping my sister we all came back to my house I fell asleep and when I woke up every one was gone, she came back to Maryland with out me now I have no ride” then he tells me his friend who lives in west v is going to a bar and invited him and he’s going to go. Then the next day I hardly Hurd from him. Long story short he told our mutual friend that he spent Valentine’s Day with another girl took her out fucked her and has been with her for the past 2 days he’s been missing. And i confronted him about it he completely denied it and cursed me out. Now he says he wants nothing to do with me. He’s treating me like a bag of garbage
My question is why did he just switch up on me like that? Did I do something wrong? Why did he play me? If y’all would have saw us you would think we were perfect for each other. All of our friends can’t believe what happened and has no advice for me. What should I do?
He fucked another girl on Valentine’s Day then broke up with me 😢?
He fucked another girl on Valentine’s Day then broke up with me 😢?
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