I texted him, he didn't text me back, he always texts me back quickly?

i asked him how his night was going and if he was looking forward to chilling this weekend.

going to send the message below ...

how does this sound we should feel good talking together about everything I want you to know that I am here whenever you need someone to be there for u. do guys like to hear this is this sweet message?


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  • give him some time to respond. damn.


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  • He can't always take out his phone and text you back, hey he might be in the shower when you texted him, and didn't check it when he picked it up and put it back in his pocket..

    • That is probably it ... I heared from him today I text and called him he picked up ! He works everyday I asked if we were going to chill this weekend he said he would let me know that probably at night time when he gets out of work.

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  • well I always pannicked wen my "buddy" never text me back straight away but just hold out, if he doesn't hear from you for a while he'll soon be txting you. just DONT keep txting him or ask what's wrong or you might as well write stalker on your head. just chill hunny he'll be in touch :) if he doesn't get in touch he's not worth it x

    • Got it I won't text him a bunch . I did once today and called him he answered said he would let me know if we can get together this weekend prob when he gets out of work

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    • Turns out he hasn't been in touch he was never worth my time but he did teach me a great deal I would much prefer to be alone that way I am happy and I have no problems no worries. He was never my boyfriend he said we are dating but yet he never texts me. It turns out I think he just wanted how can guys be so inconsiderate so think girls have no feelings

    • Don't let one guy crush your hopes of finding happiness with Mr right! Seriously he isn't worth it but don't give up or you could let the man of your dreams slip past you while your on a "man hate" trip. I love someone who doesn't love me but I'm still dating, I'm hoping someone else will sweep me off my feet :) good luck sweety xxx

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