My girlfriend is starting to talk to a guy more than me, does she have feelings for him?

I've been with my girlfriend for 2 months now and we've known each other just under a year. We met online and I finally met her in the summer and we got together, we've only seen each for just under a week in person. The major issue with our relationship is that we live in different countries, but I love her and I wanted it to work and so did she. Recently her old lover started talking to her again, she said that she wants to be good friends with him again. One day I was talking to her and the guy came online and she said oh he's calling bye, without saying anything to me. I was left waiting and wanting to talk to her, I feel very jealous when these kind of things happen. It also frustrates me that she can talk and interactive with in guy, where as me I cannot not. Though 30 Min's later I was joined into the call (Skype). I like this guy, but I feel like he's going to take her away, considering we live in different countries. However I am going to see her once again in 2 weeks and ill be staying at her house for about a week, so I hope everything will be fine. Should I feel jealous or nervous about this guy? She said that she loves me and I asked her what her feelings were towards him and she said I don't know. What shall I do wait until we meet again and hope for the best? Somebody please help me! Also let me add that I'm not sure if this guy knows that we're together since my girlfriend doesn't want him to feel upset.


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  • It's really rough to pursue an online / long distance relationship of this kind. I don't want to sound mean, but her response about her interest in the ex ("I don't know") isn't a good sign. Face it, in the end, people do tend to prefer in-person relationships as opposed to those long distanced. It's just a rough situation that you're in. Prepare yourself for the worst, but continue as you did. There is simply no way for you to see if she is telling you everything about this ex.

    You could trust her if you really do like her, but.. yeah, I won't go there. Rough ride ahead; best of luck!

  • there is serious red flags on this one


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