Ex calls me then ignores my email?

About a month ago there was a tragedy that happened in my city and it was on the news and a day later I received a missed call by my ex girlfriend I haven't heard from in 3 months. Broke up about a year ago and dated for about 2 years. The message said she "just called because I lived close to the tragedy and she called her friends who lived in my city and she hopes I'm doing well."

Well. I didn't plan on contacting her back, I waited about 3 weeks and decided to shoot her a brief email saying That I am doing okay and safe and thanked her for checking up. Its been about 7 days since I sent the email. Do you think she will respond, Or will ignore it. Or is going to wait just like I did.

ps: I am Positive she read it


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  • It seems that she just enjoys hearing your voice.


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