I want my ex back, at the same time, I'm not sure?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend because there were people trying to break us apart, even though we were confident that we wanted to make it work, I still had my doubt then one night we had a conversation about sex. even though we are both virgins I told him I wasn't ready well, the next day it felt that he was so hostile to me and it kinda irritated me. but I had to be stupid and break up with him cause I thought he was mad that I wouldn't **** him. I new I messed up cause he was SO nice and went out of his way to do little thing to make me happy. and I loved it.He also told my friend that he feels like I am too good for him& I could do better than him( so not true!). we talked it out and he said that even though he was mad he still wanted to get back with me. and the other day he asked if he could call me but he didn't. part of me wants to get back to the way I was be for I met him and the other half wants to go to his house and talk it out but if I did I don't know what to say or how to start. & I know they'll make me look clingy.. what should I do and how do I get over it for the time being til we can talk?


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  • Go get him back! you sound liky you kove him. don't let some stupid Sh*t ruin your relationship. Work up the same courage you'd broken up with him, and call him up and say hey... I want to talk things through.


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