How do I get over my ex boyfriend? Please Help!

Its been over two years and I still think about him everyday, all day. I keep telling myself that it will get better but it hasn't. I have made lists of things that I didn't like and that I thought were messed up of him and keep it close by to read when I feel most weak. I've also gotten rid of things that remind me of him or that he gave me. I do however still talk to him off and on at different points and the longest I've gone without talking to him is five months. He usually is the one to start up communication again and I am always the one that ends it. He has told me that he thinks after time we could still be friends but this just hurts me cause I obviously still care and even love him and I could never just be his friend. I have told him that and it doesn't seem to matter.


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  • you really need to get over him. If those didn't work have you asked advice from a close friend or relative? I think you need a new strategy and anything to keep you occupied. Do more activities, meet more people...give yourself a busy schedule. I'm not saying you will never think about him but try hard not to. determination, determination, determination you will pull through with this. Even if you love him, sometimes you need to let them go. Think for yourself too and your needs..

    • I really do keep myself busy all through the day, it at night before I go to bed that I really have a hard time with. I will read a book or watch a favorite TV show until I'm ready to fall asleep but it drives me crazy. I also think about him through the day and it makes it harder when he text me and then we get in a conversation.

    • Don't worry, just keep trying. You could go to a doctor if you not sleeping at night gets worse for advice because it is bad for help. I don't know if you have one from where you are but if there is a help centres for any problems, you could call them up too for advice. Just try to keep busy.

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