Friends with benefits?

So there's this guy, and we were dating for a couple of months but kind of decided it wasn’t really going anywhere romantically (tbh he wasn’t really ready for the bf/gf thing cuz he had just gotten out of a relationship when we got together) plus he didn’t really treat me the way you would a girlfriend respect wise. We were basically just really good friends throughout this “relationship” because he was never really affectionate and we didn’t go out much. But We enjoy each others company, we play video games, watch movies, eat good food etc. and yes we have sex.
When we broke up I wasn’t really heart broken because I expected it to happen. And he said we can still hang out and stuff and even have sex. The sex part was what through me off because I've never done a friends with benefits and kind of always viewed sex as a sacred thing you do with someone you love (which i already broke because i dont love him in that way)
I guess I was just trying to force something that wasn’t there and dont want to be viewed as “trashy” but I also like the idea of being friends because i just wanna focus on school and not date seriously till I graduate. So what should I do? Explain why.
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Friends with benefits?
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