Is he over his ex? Talked about her at dinner?

So I have been seeing this guy for almost a year now; he's up here for school and is originally lives 12 hrs away. He has 2 boys at home, 3 and 6. he's in the military; he's been married once and is currently separated for a 1.5 years but has not gotten a divorce. Last night we went out to dinner, and I was really excited because he's going home in a month and want to make this last month memorable. But he spent the whole time talking about his ex-wife. He is going home for good in a month... so our relationship will naturally end because of it. But I have been proactive with him and asking questions about his kids, and how they are doing never questioned about his ex. But I mean he doesn't say mean things but he is explaining how she had it so good and she f**cked up; because how he tells me he did everything for her all she had to do was take care of the kids. He was overseas fighting the war with Iran for 15 months and when he came home that's when they became separated because she got pregnant from another guy and had his baby. he is a sweet guy and I really feel like I've fallen in love with him; but should I let him try to work things out with his ex-wife; he says he never will get back with her but this time he is going home for good. He has mentioned that he would love to stay up here but only if he could get custody of his boys but its hard to get custody and move children out of state. He loves his boys and there have been times that I thought well maybe if I moved closer to him. I never told him I've thought about it. But am I a girl he trusts or do you think he sees me as a friend he can tell me things too. we have had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship for 1 yr.


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  • I would just let time take it's course. He needs to be close to his kids and he needs to find out on his own whether he wants his wife or not, technically they're still married.. It isn't as simple as just breaking up if they're married and there are kids involved. If he chooses to stay in contact with you he might end up back with you when the dust settles but you shouldn't try to interfere in his life when he goes home.

    • Yes thanks that is my game plan thus far.... when he goes home I am just going to let him contact me and I'm going to try to refrain from contacting him. I would hate to see a family fall more apart because of me. I understand he says he doesn't want her back but he's had a year to be away from her and the problems that have gone on between them and maybe they can work it out again. I mean they were together since high school; I think she just didn't know how to handle him going to iran and made a

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  • NO he is not over her at all Hun. Look at all he said about her. He probably has constant contact with her due to the kids, and she might get him riled up every time he talks to her. Also, it's been a yea and a half and he has made NO move for a divorce. In my opinion he might possibly be waiting for her to come around and take him back. Also- if he really liked you he wouldn't be talking about another girl. Be careful with this man.

    • Thanks for your advice... its funny because one second I'll think this way and then another I'll think well maybe he just trusts me and can tell me anything... its a confusing situation and as the year went on it became more complicated because feelings got involved. thanks for responding

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