Should I end the break and contact my ex?

- We were in LDR and he broke up with me almost a month ago. Because I argued with him too much.
- We tried to be friends but it only caused a lot and lot of arguments.
- So I have taken a of break from him- work on myself and to establish friendship again with him when I'm ready.

The thing is, I am missing him since past few days. And I have urge to contact him. But at same time, I feel like I am still not ready to do it- because I have to work on myself a lot and hence need time for it.

What should I do?

We want to be friends because we were pretty good friends before we did this LDR thing.

Should I just contact him?

I'm not sure of myself. Because what if I contact him and arguments happen again? I'm sure that we will just break apart forever if it happens.
We intend to be only friends after this by the way.


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